Loan during pregnancy

Usually a pregnancy is a happy event. But with many pregnant women worry about money. A baby costs money, and indeed in the purchases, which are usually made before the birth. Not all parents have so much money to pay for their cash. A credit during pregnancy will not be around there. Many pregnant women, even when single, are simply considering concealing the pregnancy. But this is not recommended, because even if the income remains during pregnancy, it changes at the latest when the child is born and only the parental allowance is available. The income will then be significantly lower than before. From this situation, it can happen that the loan can no longer be paid. Because of this, it will be better to go the normal route of pregnancy.

The loan during pregnancy

The credit during pregnancy

If you are a single parent and have no partner, only the parental allowance is available after the pregnancy and that is much lower than the previous income. After the parental leave comes in many cases no more money, the pregnant woman will have to apply Hartz IV. As everyone knows, the Hartz IV rate is very low and just enough for life. The child allowance paid out is not considered by the banks as a guarantee. Thus, the banks lack the credit protection for a loan.

If, on the other hand, it is a married couple who wishes to take out a loan during pregnancy, the situation is different. It can be assumed that a partner continues to make money during and after the pregnancy. Thus the loan would be secured. The partner would have to sign as a co-applicant, but then the bank will only award a loan, if the credit of the co-applicant is right. He must have a sufficient income, no legacy and a proper private credit have. If this information is satisfactory, a loan may be approved during pregnancy.

Before money is collected, a cost plan should be drawn up in advance. This plan gives you an overview of how much money is needed. It should not be too tightly calculated, in some circumstances, the loan amount might not be enough. It may then be difficult to increase the credit. Therefore, all costs should be considered and only then the credit taken during pregnancy. If the credit rating is good, you do not necessarily have to try your own bank, you can choose an offer where the interest rates are lower. Especially a young family needs every penny.

The possibilities

The possibilities

If you take out a loan during pregnancy, you should also pay attention to possible cuts that can reduce your income. For example, unemployment of a co-applicant can reduce income in such a way that the rates can no longer be paid. Here should be traded in good time. Possibly, the bank may be subject to a rate freeze or the loan may be extended for a longer period, thus reducing rates. Even if the income is not sufficient, it should nevertheless be ensured when borrowing that the rates are not set too high. A situation can always occur where money is scarce.

If a loan has not been granted by the bank during pregnancy, an attempt can be made to obtain a loan from home. There has been a so-called marketplace on the Internet for some time, where private investors lend money. It only needs a meaningful profile created and the loan request with reason to be expressed. If the profile convinces the investors, several investors offer on the loan request, until the desired sum is together. The further matter is regulated by a bank. The advantage of these private loans are the better interest rates. There are some well-known and also reputable portals on the Internet, where a request is free and can bring the desired success.

More options

If an expectant mother is completely alone, has no partner and no parents, then it will be difficult to lend as previously described. In this case, the person can turn to charity to get the necessary purchases. Maybe there is a good friend in the circle of friends who is able to lend her something that the pregnant woman can pay back in the smallest installments.

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